Enhance enterprise agility with our fast track to managing public cloud
Your business is on the path to digital. You're developing customer-focused apps and redefining your processes to make your business more responsive and competitive. You need a flexible, scalable infrastructure to underpin those transformative initiatives. Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services provide monitoring, reporting, and management of compute, storage, network components, PaaS and SaaS within Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and AzureStack. Our standardized services have been road-tested and fine-tuned across industries and business types, giving your organization the results you need while maintaining visibility and control.
Managed Cloud Infrastructure Service for AWS and Azure
  • Offering fully managed AWS and Azure presence from initial setup to ongoing management with:

    . service catalogue-based approach, jointly building the foundation blocks that enable efficient consumption
    . end-to-end service from the outset, through the different stages of cloud adoption, migration, and enablement
    . embedded security with access management, hardening, and integrated with customer policies
    . flexible service models, not based on FTE's, allowing for fully managed, partially managed, and light-touch service models
  • . integration at the technology level and ITIL level, connecting public cloud infrastructure to on-premises and colocated data centers through our own network, as well as for CI/CD and automated deployment
    . automation across all levels of the service, for improved competitiveness, quality, and agility
    . enterprise level , taking into account the complexity and compliance requirements of the customer
    . compliant with top industry accreditations (ISO27k1, ISO2k, PCI, SOC) as well as customer specific standards
Why choose PowerTech?
  • Global recognition

    Data centers in over 20 countries with over 400,000 sqm total colocation space.

  • Global reach and local intimacy

    Global Network Service in over 190 countries.

  • Advanced facilities

    Designed and built the largest portfolio of Tier 3 data centers in the world.

  • Delivery capability

    Global Tier-1 IP backbone provider, one of the largest in Asia.